The art of representing objects in section, elevation and plan in order to cut them out. - Louis Mazerolle

Friday, September 23, 2011


Stereotomy is the art of cutting a three-dimensional object using a 2D plan. I'm a computer graphics guy, and I think these old methods are very cool. I'm interested in the drawings made by the Compagnons du Devoir in the 19th century and will be exploring their techniques from my own point of view.

Today the term is used in architecture and construction history to refer to stone cutting and structural calculations that were made with graphical methods. I think that's cool too, and plan to take a look at the work of Monduit and Philibert de l'Orme. Basically, old technical drawings are cool.

"Stereotomy" is also an album by the Alan Parsons Project, but I won't be talking so much about that.

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  1. I too am a fan of the Compagnon. I lived a while on rue Mabillon in Paris right next door to the musée des Charpentier : roof cutters, steeples mostly. The two little rooms were filled with models and thé drawings. If you wish I will send you some pictures. I will need your email. I got hooked and started building models. I use the drawing method of HH Seigele. My email is Glad to find your stie